Shft Is...

A place to work without distraction.

When we started Shft we set out to replace the coffee shop as a communal place of work. We did this through guaranteed high performance Internet, a quiet work environment, and great partnerships with local businesses.

We created a simple online system for our customers to find workplaces and pay a simple monthly fee for access.

While Shft as a physical establishment ceased operations in 2018, the concept has become even more important since the decline of  pandemic social distancing.

The move towards work-from-home has resulted in an even more people looking for a way to escape the distractions of home while simultaneously offering a way to connect with others.

Shft was always about changing the workplace experience by “shifting” the mindset about how we use work spaces. Your office shouldn’t be a place to avoid; you should love going to work.

How it worked

We made co-working as easy as it gets! You sign up for the days you want to work, whether a one-time booking or recurring like every Tue and Thursday from 11am-4pm.

We automatically registered your slots for those days and sent a welcome package with WiFi access info. All you have to do is show up and get working!

It included perks like discounted coffee from nearby coffee shops, rock solid Internet, and bulk pricing for companies with many remote workers.